Accessories for the Bedroom

To create a spectacular look in a bedroom, there are several components that go into it. One of our favorite items to add is the Kinzig Design Lamps. These are hand blown colorful glass and gorgeous unique fabric lamp shades. Kinzig works with studios such as Kevin O'Brien Studio, Lonni Rossi Fabrics and Sally Jones. These fabrics are whimsical gorgeous materials. We also work with Kevin O'Brien for stylish bedding pieces. So hypothetically, you can put a lamp to bring a pop of color or repeat in a different room. Along with lamps, art pieces are great way to add more flare to the room. Whether it be a picture of a bouquet or a scenic painting, these can compliment anything that is in the room. Wendover makes gorgeous paintings that leave a lasting impression. Lastly, mirrors can help make a room seem bigger and more contemporary. Global Views and Berrnhardt Furniture have mirrors that have textured design elements. That gives the room more interest and design.