Bathroom Refresh

At Block Brothers, we carry some wonderful, quality bathroom accessories that complete the look. Mike and Ally is one of our favorites companies to go to. Their bathroom accessories are so unique. They hand construct the wastebasket, boutique tissue holder and soap pumps. They use quality materials such as Lucite and premium gemstone. Each piece is handled by an artisan in New York and it shows with each piece!

We also carry Michael Aram. He creates nature inspired collections that have pieces for the living spaces and the bathroom. His accessories are so whimsical with a rustic touch. One of our best selling collections is the Butterfly Ginkgo. The mix of the gold and silver metal makes it a hot ticket item.

Sferra has bath accessories as well. We have Pietra in stock at our store. It is a minimal, classic marble pieces. Like their bedding, it is beautiful and timeless. These are styles we have in stock but we can order so much more for your bathroom. Stop on in and check it out!