Best in Bath

Our first is impulse is to say that Mike + Ally bath accessories are one of a kind, but in the luxury, ornate bath accessory niche, we think it's more that Mike + Ally is part of a "few" of a kind.  Regardless, Mike + Ally is special and we want to tell you about it.  Ally came into her business rather "by accident".  Unlike her friends going to business school or law school, Ally was recruited (by Finnish master metalsmith Heikki Seppa) to a world renown metalsmith program for emerging artists.  After college, she quickly made her mark in the silver department at Cartier, producing design and inspiration for belt buckle.  As she gained notoriety and success at Cartier, her confidence and entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she joined forces with jewelry designer Michael Nash to form Mike + Ally in 1991.  The alchemy between the jewelry-maker and the metalsmith proved to be fruitful.  Their vision was simple and filled a well-needed niche in the market: luxury bath accessories.  Thirty years later, Mike + Ally still dominate the market.  Recognized internationally for its individuality, Mike + Ally is made in a New York City studio and uses the finest  stone and semi-precious embellishments.  Choose from over 45 hand enamels in color, size, and shape to "dress up" your bathroom.  Our favorite (along with Phillippe Starck and Kartell) is Ice Clear Lucite collection.  Hand cut, assembled and polished, the 3/8" thick clear Lucite coordinates with an array of bathroom decors. Do your bathroom a favor and style it with Mike + Ally.