Breakdown of the timeless Matouk

Matouk is one of our essential brands. From their high quality products to their fresh clean look, Matouk never disappoints. Their factory is located in Fall River, Massachusetts. Matouk has been a family business for over a 100 years. They are committed to maintaining high quality linens.

Matouk is recognized for their scalloped edges, bright colored embroidery, the luxurious Dream Modal blanket and vibrant Schumacher prints. The scalloped edges are available on quilted coverlets to towels. This design detail makes the item sweet and simple. Their embroideries are similar to scalloped edges where it can be put on any item from towels to sheeting. Two of their most iconic embroidery patterns are Classic Chain and Gordian Knot. These are available in a wide range of colors.

One of Matouk's best selling blankets is the Dream Modal. It is made of a combination of cotton and modal fiber. The blanket has a cashmere feel but comes with the benefit of the easy care of cotton. The blanket is also specially woven in a facility in Switzerland. There are five neutral colors to choose from.

Lastly, Matouk has colorful prints. Most of these come from a collaboration with Schumacher fabrics. This collaboration definitely makes them stand out amongst the rest. Both of these companies have been in business for generations and esthetically compliment each other. The Schumacher prints are revamped to fit into Matouk's collection. They make beautiful coverlets and shams that will make a house a home.