Italian Linens from Sferra

Gennaro Sferra started the company with handmade venetian lace in 1891. With his innovative spirit, he found clients who appreciated the lavish linens across the seas in America.  His brothers eventually joined the business which led to the business to grow into the household name, Sferra.

Sferra is mostly known for Celeste; their best selling percale. The way it is soft,yet crisp and cool makes it a top seller. It's so popular it has been sold to celebrities and politicians. They've led the industry with their technology. One example is by weaving 45 Giza Cotton. This cotton is grown in the perfect climate by the Nile River Delta in Egypt. This is key to getting the long, strong, and durable cotton. They have sateens, percales and jacquards from this cotton.

As part of their expansion, they make bathroom accessories and towels. Their bath accessories, Pietra, are gorgeous marble with a silver or gold finish. Their pieces have a contemporary design to them with classic material. This makes it an option for any type of bathroom. One of the style of towels, we carry is Canedo. It is combed cotton, but gives the towel a more velour like texture. They come in white, navy and black. Sferra is one of the companies that we sell effortlessly. We are proud carriers of Sferra.