Luxury French Linens Yves Delorme

Yves Delorme was founded in 1845 by Ernestine Fremaux and her husband creating wonderful, soft linens. The company faced a lot of hardships such as a giant fire in 1867. The Fremaux family rebuilt and pushed forward starting again from scratch. Based out of France, Yves Delorme is one of the oldest companies of its kind. They are still a family business, currently on its sixth generation. 

Yves Delorme is mostly known for their fashion prints with graphic, stylized florals. It is clear from their whimsical designs that they take a lot of inspiration from haute couture. Today, they still produce elegant linens and towels of the  highest quality and durability.  They set themselves apart by designing towels and robes to coordinate with their duvets.

Our favorite things about Yves Delorme is that they work with the same six colors. It helps extend the life of previously purchased duvets, shams, coverlets and sheets. We also love their Etoile towels. They are made of cotton and modal fiber which gives them a silky plush feeling. There are 14 colorways to give you options to pair with your bedding.