New Looks from Baobab


Handcrafted in workshops in Europe, Baobab Collection scented candles are high-quality pieces stemming from the unique expertise of craftsmen. Each fragrance that makes up the candles is an exclusive creation crafted with care, inviting you on an olfactory and sensory journey. These scented candles transform into genuine decorative objects in your interior, creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Tingari   Green: Galbanum-Gaiac wood-Indonesian patchouli


Anangu   Woods: Nutmeg-Cinnamon wood-Galbanum


Jakurrpa  Citrus: Bergamot-Green Tea-Musk

True luxury pieces, these scented candles are handcrafted by artisans in Europe, using carefully selected high-quality raw materials. Each candle is the result of unique expertise: hand-blown glass, gold or platinum silkscreen printing, ceramic, sublimated glass, engraved glass, woven and crocheted raffia... The wax, made from highly refined paraffin, is hand-poured in multiple phases in workshops to ensure a high-quality and even burn. The finishing touch to this artisanal craftsmanship is the placing of the ribbon and the black label, the brand's signature.