Pillows and Their Purpose

Lets start from the top! Euros are the first pillow we put on the bed because they cover the width of the bed and give height to the bed. They are a pillow that measure at 27 inches by 27 inches. That height is what gets your eyes to travel down the bed to see the texture and colors you are bringing into the room. In the first picture, I have the Euros placed in front for a more contempory modern look.

Then we have the sleeping pillows with pillow cases on them. Next, is the shams we have in front to cover your sleeping pillows. The sleeping pillows and shams are stacked in the second image to show the item off but hide any unwanted wrinkles and such.


In the third and fourth picture, we are showcasing decorative pillows. There are so many different size and shapes that can be added to the bed. We have worked with Kevin O'brein lumbar pillow. This is quite the statement piece and can be used in so many different ways. 

Last but not least, we have boudoir pillows. These showcase either the sheeting, duvet, or even unique shaming. We have all three surrounding the lumbar pillow. Pillows are meant to tie the whole look together but the most important is to have fun. See what things you come up with!