Refresh and Relax with Agraria

Diffusers by  Agraria offer an extra special experience. They are made of perfume grade oil and have hand constructed wooden flowers that soak up the oil and release the perfume into the room. Their oils are layered with amazing scents to produce very fragrant aromas. Most of the scents are considered relaxing with their focus on floral notes. Lavender Rosemary, Mediterranean Jasmine and Cedar Rose are definitely sweet and relaxing . These are great for bedrooms or living room spaces. Balsam, Riviera Pear, Golden Casis and Lemon Verbena are still relaxing but are more lively scents. Then we have Bitter Orange and Lime and Orange Blossom which are meant to refresh a room. These will go great in a kitchen. Where ever you decide to put these, their fragrances will liven up the space and make it a little extra wonderful.