SDH Linens

At a young age, Sigrid Wagner took an interest in textiles. Her main interests were weaving, sewing and knitting. Sigrid lived in New York raising sheep. With those sheep, she learned how to spin and dye her own yarn. From there, she moved to California. There her concerns for the environment and passion for textiles came together. Sigrid founded SDH in 1986.

Sigrid has lead the industry with her timeless style and concern for the environment. SDH created Purists a segment of sheeting that does not use chemical ingredients, chemical bleaches, dyes, finishes or formaldyehyde. This was all started because high end specialty stores wanted a chemical free bed. This made SDH take off and become very successful.

 Along with that, Sigrid created the material called Legna. Legna is material made of wood pulp. Legna is made into shams, duvets, sheeting and blankets. It feels silky smooth, but has the durability of cotton. SDH continues to make luxury material that are timeless and effortlessly chic.