The Printed Robe

Christian Fischbacher started his company over 200 years ago in the village of St. Peterzell in Eastern Switzerland.  He bought cotton fabrics woven by farmer's wives and traded them in the market of St. Gallen.   These fantastic ICONIC prints many of them instantly recognizable... not small in the least but have stood the test of time.  A good print is not tiresome!  This season, we are having fun with a capsule of more punchier prints which we have featured in our window of Spring robes. 

This series of bright floral prints are dreamy in not just their intensity of color and pattern...but in their luxurious feel against the skin.  They come in a buttery cotton with terry on the inside and the most incredible weight.  Here comes the bonus: they are machine-washable.  

But the reason we are digging these robes so much is not because they are easy to care for, but they reflect back to the bed linens that match.  High impact, low effort, one decision...and your bathroom attire and bedroom are one and done.  We figured you needed a sure thing this Spring to pick up the mood...And we delivered!